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First Aid Box Components

You can now keep extra items in or with your first aid box which may be useful. So as well as stocking statutory components which you can order in singles we have a range of items that you may find useful. You can download the full list here. Below are some suggestions :-

Personal Protection Packs

A pack containing nitrile gloves, disposable aprons, clinical waste bags and a resusciade

Clean Up Granules

For absorbing spillages, available in drums or sachets

Ice Packs

For sprains and strains, available as a single use instant pack or a reusable pack which you need to cool before use

Tubular Bandage

For sprains strains and protection

British Standard for Workplace First Aid Kits

click here for details

Our Box Checking Service

If you are a multi site company and worried that your first aid stocks may become depleted or out of date, we offer a regular email or postal box checking form service for each site with a report facility

  • A useful reminder
  • Stocks kept upto date
  • Consolidated invoice available
  • Please email or call with your requirements