Sweeney First Aid Supplies

Specialists In Industrial First Aid

Eye Wash and Burns

Eye Wash

We have a range of eye wash stations and eye wash consumables to meet your needs. Individual eye wash pods, large 500ml bottles for use in area where chemicals may be used and smaller volume bottles are available


Burns Dressings

First Aid for burns, 10cm x 10cm gel dressings, 20cm x 20cm gel dressings, watergel soothing lotion. Complete burn kits also available

British Standard for Workplace First Aid Kits

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Our Box Checking Service

If you are a multi site company and worried that your first aid stocks may become depleted or out of date, we offer a regular email or postal box checking form service for each site with a report facility

  • A useful reminder
  • Stocks kept upto date
  • Consolidated invoice available
  • Please email or call with your requirements