Sweeney First Aid Supplies

Specialists In Industrial First Aid

Gells and Sanitisers

We have a range of santisers and hand gels for your protection. Please download our excel product list here for a quote. Please see below some of our products.

Cutan Sanitising Hand Gel

A one litre pack which is ideal for receptions, rest rooms lobbies etc. Fits into a wall mounted dispenser.

Purell Hand Sanitiser

60ml Pump action pocket pack or can be supplied with a belt clip.

Cutan Bulk Hard Surface Wipes

A bulk drum of 250 wipes for sanitising hard surfaces. Refills are available

Telephone Wipes

In a handy desk top drum

British Standard for Workplace First Aid Kits

click here for details

Our Box Checking Service

If you are a multi site company and worried that your first aid stocks may become depleted or out of date, we offer a regular email or postal box checking form service for each site with a report facility

  • A useful reminder
  • Stocks kept upto date
  • Consolidated invoice available
  • Please email or call with your requirements